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Gift Certificates

Gift certificates to The Mansion Bed & Breakfast make the perfect gift all year round! Select your denomination below, choose whether you want it to be emailed or mailed, and add a special message. Then, pay for your gift certificate safely and securely using your PayPal account. It couldn't be easier!

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Do gift certificates expire?

Yes. Gift Certificates are valid for 1 calendar year from purchase.

Are gift certificates refundable?

They are non refundable. Gift Certificates can be transferred to another guest who wishes to stay with us by the holder of the certificate giving the actual certificate or the control number at the top of it to the guest who will be redeeming it. The expiration date remains the same (1 year from purchase), regardless of when the redeeming guest received the certificate/control number.

I made my reservation online...I am here to check in and here is my gift certificate, I would like to use it for this stay. Is that ok?

Unfortunately, we are unable to process gift certificate reservations that are through our online reservation system and not over the phone. In order to redeem the gift certificate, the redeeming guest must make the reservation by calling The Mansion at 412-586-7940. All reservations made online are automatically processed as regular reservations by our system.

Are there dates at The Mansion that gift certificates cannot be redeemed during the year?

Yes, there are dates on which reservations made with Gift Certificates are not accepted. These dates are all over the calendar and vary without any monthly pattern. This is why we instruct redeemers to call to make their reservations, ensuring that the date they reserve is indeed available for a gift certificate reservation.

Can gift certificates be used for other services or products at The Mansion besides a reservation?

Yes. If you have a gift certificate you'd like to use to book spa or in-room services, items we have for sale, or to upgrade the package on your existing room reservation, that's perfectly fine.